Educational Center for Kids: A Beginner’s Guide

Children’s development centers: 6 stages of opening + 8 requirements for the premises + list of equipment + 5 advertising techniques + detailed calculations + 5 tips from experienced businessmen.

The excessive attachment of modern children to computer technology leads to the fact that they lose interest in the usual children’s entertainment – drawing, dancing, outdoor games, and so on. Because of this, children’s memory deteriorates, they are distracted, and their eyes can hurt from a long stay on monitors, vision deteriorates.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, many parents send their children to children’s development centers.

During the day or for several hours, teachers are busy with children, teaching them new sciences or arts, enriching their inner world.

Although such establishments are a lifesaver for parents, this idea can be a source of great profit for businessmen. Let’s figure out what you need to do if you want to become the owner of a children’s development center.

How to start opening a developmental center for children?

As soon as you decide to open a child development center in your city, immediately start writing a business plan. He will deal with the main stages of starting a business, as well as with approximate calculations.

Almost all business plans consist of the following steps:

  1. Business registration and obtaining permits from government agencies.
  2. Rent or purchase of premises.
  3. Purchase of equipment and furniture.
  4. Personal recruitment.
  5. Making a lesson plan.
  6. Advertising of the children’s center in various media.

Also, do not forget that market analysis is mandatory. Ask if there are similar establishments in your area, what they offer to children, what are the prices for services, what are their main advantages.

After research, decide what your child’s development center will look like:

  1. What is the age range for the facility?
  2. How many people are you willing to accept?
  3. What will you teach the children of the center?
  4. Will you teach alone or hire teachers?

Do not be afraid that the development institution is not in demand. Today, many parents are willing to pay their children to work on themselves and develop not only in the exact sciences, but also in creativity.

Also, mothers and fathers are very fond of sharing the achievements of their children with others, so rumors about a new development center will fly by unnoticed.

An example of a business plan for developing centers for children: 6 stages

This section is an example of a business plan from scratch for a children’s development center. Here, in a brief form, it is described which phases must be passed in order for the company to operate in the market.

Of course, each city has its own characteristics when creating a new business, but the general picture is this.

Stage number 1. Preparation of documentation and registration of IP.

The first step is to register an individual (the owner of the center) as an individual entrepreneur.

Since the center is connected to the educational process, you need to be extremely careful. According to the law of the Russian Federation “On Education”, it is possible to engage in tutoring, prepare children for school or conduct other educational processes only after obtaining a license from the Ministry of Education and Science.

This is a very long process: you need to collect a lot of documents, come up with a unique curriculum and prepare didactic materials. In addition, you will have to wait a long time for the approval of the commission.

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to repeatedly bring new documents or redo old ones.

At the beginning of your business in a child development center, you can do without obtaining a license from the Ministry of Education. After all, it will be faster, besides, you can save.

To do this, it is enough to get such a form of doing business as an individual teaching activity in the tax service. With this status, it is allowed to hire any staff, with the exception of educated teachers.

In order for experienced teachers to work in your child development center, they must also have IP status. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a license and open an LLC.

In your institution’s records, the primary name is the owner’s name prefixed with “IP”, but in an advertisement on a downtown building sign, you can call it whatever you like.
Some call their children’s educational institutions “courses”, “children’s schools”, etc.

To obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur in the tax office, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Bring the documents to the tax inspector (copy of the passport, TIN or SNILS, application for granting the status of an entrepreneur).Where to go, you can find out here:
  2. After filling out the application, you must select the type of business according to OKVED of Russia.Code 85.11 is the most appropriate.
  3. Next, you need to select the type of taxation.For an individual entrepreneur, the ideal choice is a simplified system.
  4. be sure to open a bank account through which all company payments will go (payment for attending courses from parents, expenses for maintaining the center, tax deductions, payment for the “municipality” and so on).

Do not forget that after the repair of the premises you will need to contact the SES and the fire inspection. You are not allowed to work without their permission.

What should be the norms – they will tell in detail in the relevant authorities. Follow them as you prepare your space for opening.

Stage number 2. We are looking for a place for a children’s center.

When choosing a room for classes with children, be guided by how many children will be in the group. As a rule, in development centers one group does not exceed 10 people.

This is not a children’s event – here you need your own approach to the child, teachers must definitely pay close attention to each child.

Based on this, it can be determined that the premises of the children’s development center should be small (approximately 50-100 m2), but at the same time meet the following requirements:

  1. The height of the ceilings in the rooms is at least 3 meters.
  2. You will definitely need a separate bathroom, a dressing room (at least a small closet in front of the front doors), a teacher’s office and a common room where the children will study.
  3. The walls need to be painted, because you will have to constantly wet clean all the rooms in the center.
  4. Maintain a standard room temperature of 19-21 degrees.
  5. Fire control will definitely require all switches and sockets to be at a height of 1.8 meters.
  6. Every room must be ventilated.
  7. A fire exit and fire protection system is required.
  8. The room in which the children will spend time should be well lit.

Choose a room built in a separate house so that there is no conflict with neighbors.

Stage number 3. Purchase of equipment for a children’s development center.

As soon as you rent a room and make repairs, you can start decorating the room.

it is difficult to say what materials and equipment will need to be purchased – it all depends on the choice of the format of your institution.

We only note what no children’s development center can do without:

Name of productQuantityPrice, rub.)
TOTAL:227 000 rub
Laptops for staff workChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide369 000
Desks for teachers and directorsChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide37 800
seatsChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide64800
WardrobeChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide223 000
Children’s toiletChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide39 900
WashbasinsChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide332 000
MatChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guideone10 500
Children’s chairsChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guideten7 700
Children’s tableChild Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guide214800
Buying toys and learning materialsFrom 30 000
Printer, scanner, copier (3 in 1)Child Development Center: A Beginner's GuideChild Development Center: A Beginner's Guideone12 500
Small office supplies for work (paper, pens, notepads, etc.)From 5000

As for children’s furniture, it is better to make an individual order. So you can choose the material, design and other details.

If your center also has space for games, then you will need to purchase foreign toys that are guaranteed not to cause allergies in children.

The best brands are Chicco or Toys. However, keep in mind: the price of such toys is high, and not everyone can afford it.

In the case of a minimum budget, buy household toys in bulk from the manufacturer, but ask him for quality certificates – then you will be responsible to the parents of the children, and not to him.

When it comes to educational materials, it is worth relying on the curriculum that you put together for the children at your center. You can cut college fees, but ask your parents to buy the supplies they need on their own.

Stage number 4. Recruitment of personnel for children.

Even a small development center is time consuming, so more help is needed. You need to hire someone to take over the administrative work if you don’t have time to do everything yourself.

Cleaning lady and security guard must be hired as cleaning lady.

Depending on the format of the institution, you will also need to hire at least two teachers and a psychologist. Their number directly depends on the number of children in the group and on the length of the course.

If you decide to expand your development center, you will need to increase staff.

When recruiting new members of the teaching staff, you need to be very careful. Be sure to ask for letters of recommendation from past jobs, ask a lot of questions.

These people will be responsible for the life and health of children for a certain period of time, so neglect can cost the director of the development center dearly.

If your goal is to teach children new knowledge in your center, teachers should develop some kind of rating scale so that children receive the highest mark. If your center is just a place for kids to play, then you can do without ratings.

The most important thing is that your employees can give children care, attention, teach something new and interesting. If customers have a negative attitude towards the staff of the center, the institution will be unsuccessful and will soon be closed.

Employees of the child development center will have to spend from 100 thousand rubles a month on wages:

EmployeeQuantitySalary in rubles
TOTAL: 132,000 rubles
teachers225 000
Psychologistone25 000
Security guardone15,000
Cleaning womanone12 000

Stage number 5. Lesson plan for students of the center.

Both the entrepreneur and future teachers should work on the program of the development center. This is a crucial stage, it depends on how the business will develop.

Most child development centers offer the following services:

  1. Music lessons.
  2. Dance.
  3. Learn foreign languages.
  4. Reading, writing, counting lessons.
  5. Development of creative abilities (drawing, appliqué, beads, etc.).

All of the above is considered the generally accepted canon, similar classes are held in each center.

So, if the center for the development of your children is not the first in the city, be prepared for fierce competition.

However, the demand for preschool developmental centers for children remains at a consistently high level, since they are small in groups of educational institutions of this type, sometimes there is not enough space for everyone.

If you want to impress the visitors of your developmental institution, offer them courses such as cooking for children, cinema, theater, and so on.

Which side you develop in children depends only on the flow of fantasy of the owners and teachers of the center.

In order not to miscalculate the choice of development direction, conduct a small survey among potential customers, children and parents. This will help to understand what exactly the target audience expects from the center.

Stage number 6. How to advertise your future children’s center?

Good development centers position themselves as word of mouth. Parents on playgrounds, in schools, kindergartens tell their friends that a wonderful children’s institution has appeared, where they study and at the same time have a good time.

But in order for this principle to work, you need to recruit a group of children and prove to them your unique position in the market.

At first, the following methods will help you advertise a children’s development center:

  1. Create a website with prices for services, photos of the institution, general characteristics of the center’s staff (work experience, education, achievements in pedagogy).
  2. Publish information on the site and, as a result, the center on forums (for women, cities, for young parents), in social networks.
  3. Distribute advertising of the institution in the print media, in magazines for mothers.
  4. Print various flyers and business cards. Deliver this paper advertisement of the center to playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, offices.
  5. Order an illuminated sign for your development center and have a grand grand opening with loud music, lots of balloons and little gifts for the kids.

Do not save on advertising, because you need to be known in order for the business to develop and not stop.

On average, startups spend from 30 to 50,000 rubles on advertising. Compared to other expenses, this is not much, but the result will be significant.

How quickly can a developmental center for children pay off?

In general, you need to spend from 490,000 rubles to open a children’s center.

Its key components are the following costs:

ExpensesEstimated amount (rub.)
TOTAL: 484,000 rubles
Preparation of documentationFrom 10 000
Premises for rentFrom 60 000
Purchase of equipment227 000
Employee salary107 000
Renovation of premisesFrom 50 000

Also, do not forget that every month you will have to deduct taxes from the amount of income to the treasury, as well as pay bills.

On average, every month for a child in development centers they pay from 2-3 thousand rubles. In most establishments, you can pay only for one visit, which is about 300 rubles.

Based on average indicators, a children’s development center should pay off in 1.5–2 years. The profitability of this business is 10-15%. It all depends on the format of the institution you choose, the number of children, and the mode of operation.

To increase your income, you can add new methods every month or quarter. For example, hire a speech therapist. Many children today need professional help. Hold one-time classes with parents and children where they can get together and create something with their own hands.

It would be great if you opened a shop near the center where you can buy any goods for children, from stationery to clothes.

What does it take to make a development center successful?

3 owners of children’s centers shared their secrets:

5 useful tips for novice businessmen on opening a children’s development center

Children’s developing centers are in great demand among the population of our country. The main thing for the success of your endeavors is to correctly define the concept and not miss anything important.

To cut costs while achieving depreciation faster, check out these tips from seasoned businessmen:

  1. If you have competitors in this industry, you need to find an original center idea that can show your personality and attract the attention of others.For example, host fun family games once a month or invite entertainers to a children’s party.
  2. To find out exactly what parents and their children want from your development center, conduct questionnaires.Listen to the advice of visitors, try to satisfy their wishes.
  3. At first, you can conduct classes lasting 2-3 hours.If you see that there is demand, you can expand the center and turn it into a mini garden.
  4. Run promotions that will help you attract new customers.For example, due to the fact that parents bring another child, he will receive a discount on lessons.
  5. If your institution is operating without a license, it is best to list the position of the consultant or instructor in the work book or in the teacher’s contract.This is in case your employees do not have IP status.

The main thing is to love children and your work in order to succeed, success will not be long in coming.

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