How to open a fast food restaurant: in detail

Fast food restaurants: characteristics of establishments + how to register a business + organization of staff work + list of equipment + ways to attract new customers + calculation of initial capital + an alternative way to start a business.

The modern pace of life of people around the world has contributed to the mass emergence of fast food establishments. Russia is no exception in this situation, where fast food has long been one of the most profitable ideas.

If you enjoy cooking or you are attracted to the restaurant business, then starting a business in this industry will be very profitable.

To analyze the stages of the implementation of a fast food restaurant, in this article we will tell you what intricacies of its organization you will have to face.

Fast food restaurants: popularity, features and types

Due to the fact that fast food establishments can be of different types, from hot dog kiosks to large restaurant chains, there are many competitors in this niche in Russia. The diagram below shows this.

Most of these establishments are mainly located in large metropolitan areas. In small towns, this business niche is even freer.

In this situation, not only quantitative indicators differ, but also “qualitative”. This means that a large number of kiosks, kiosks and food trucks are concentrated in the provinces, while the demand for fast food in the capital is growing.

Soon this trend will be relevant for the whole country, as business in this area is profitable, relatively easy to organize and very promising.

And this is facilitated by the features of fast food establishments:

  1. Fast service.Due to the fact that in such establishments it is customary to use a self-service system, it becomes possible to quickly place an order without waiting for the waiter.
  2. Cooking fast food.Fast food restaurants use the technology of cooking from semi-finished and semi-finished products, so you can get a set lunch in 10 minutes.
  3. Low manufacturing cost.One of the main advantages of fast food restaurants is their low pricing policy based on waiter savings and high attendance.
  4. The menu has a wide selection of dishes.This moment allows you to quickly train staff and cook food in a short time.
  5. High attendance.Given the cost and speed of service, such establishments are in demand by a large audience of visitors.

All these features are not only characteristics of fast food restaurants, but also distinctive advantages for both entrepreneurs and visitors. It does not matter what kind of business we are talking about: restaurants or taverns.

We immediately notice that organizing a fast food restaurant is a little more difficult than opening a small bar. But on the other hand, there are even fewer competitors in this area.

How is a fast food restaurant different from a bar?

  • Firstly, the restaurant implies a larger area and a wider range of dishes.
  • Secondly, “serious” establishments require large expenses: for the purchase of kitchen equipment, for the payment of salaries to cooks and cleaners, for the purchase of branded packaging and utensils.

In other words, fast food restaurants offer the same benefits and organization as other fast food restaurants, but offer many more services and amenities.

In general, fast food restaurants offer the following categories of dishes:

  • salads;
  • cold snacks;
  • sandwiches;
  • garnish;
  • broths;
  • convenience foods (gnocchi, gnocchi).
  • desserts.

Restaurants of this type may differ from each other depending on:

  • The number of seats is 20, 30, 40 or 50.
  • Specializations – highly specialized (hamburger + potatoes), ethnic (Russian cuisine, European cuisine, etc.), mixed (combining dishes of different cuisines).
  • Service method: self-service, partial service.

How to choose fast food concept?

Which restaurant you want to open, you need to determine for yourself by analyzing which type is closest to you. But another good way to understand which cuisine is worth developing in your case is to follow the market.

Market analysis is the first step in the process of starting a business and immediately follows the stage where you decide what kind of business you like.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How many competitors do you have?
  • What services, or rather, what facilities are missing in your area?

For example, you analyzed the above and found that in your city there are already 5 fast food restaurants that position themselves as burgers. This means that the competition in this segment is very high.

Also, in the process of analysis, you can find out, suppose there are a lot of middle-aged people in the city who need a full-fledged fast food. In this case, it would be nice to open a restaurant specializing in the preparation of complex dishes of Russian cuisine.

Having determined what goal you are pursuing, that is, what kind of restaurant format you want to open, we can assume that you have decided on the type of business you are ready to work on.

Now you have to start realizing your dream, and for this you will have to go through the following steps:

And now about everything in order.

4 main stages of opening a restaurant business

No. 1. Registration of entrepreneurial activity: the intricacies of registering fast food restaurants.

There are two main ways to legalize entrepreneurial activity: registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, that is, a legal entity.

As a rule, catering entrepreneurs choose the first option, as it is easier and cheaper. In addition, IP can be legally used to open restaurants and cafes.

But in some cases LLC is still used. To understand which of the registration methods you need, read the following information:

Selection criterionSPOrganization
1. Who is it for?Entrepreneurs who want to open one or two small restaurants.Businessmen who intend to develop a large-scale restaurant business (chain of stores).
2. What documents are needed?• Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
• TIN code.
• Application for registration of IP.
• Receipt of payment of state duty.
• Passport of the founder or founders.
• TIN code (s.
• Legal agreement.
• Decision of the founder or minutes of the meeting of founders.
• Application form R11001.
• Receipt of payment of state duty.
3. How much does registration cost?800 rub4000 rub
4. Where does registration take place?In the tax service inspectorate (IFTS) at the place of registration.In the tax service inspectorate (IFTS) at the place of registration.

Having chosen which person – an individual or a legal entity – you will register, do not forget that in addition to the specified documents, you will need to attach an application for the transition to the selected tax system. It is better for such a company to choose a simplified taxation system (STS).

If there is no such declaration in the package of documents, you will be automatically assigned to the common system (OSN).

But that’s not all. Registration of activities in the field of fast food restaurants is complicated by the fact that for the implementation of activities it is necessary to obtain additional documents, such as: permissions from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, BTI, fire inspection.

This is due to the fact that you plan to work in the field of catering, which means that the requirements for your business from the state will be high.

And it is in your interest to take care of the cleanliness and compliance with all the rules, since these factors directly affect the reputation of your restaurant.

No. 2. How to choose a premises for a fast food restaurant, and what equipment will be needed?

After you have legalized your business, you can move on to organizational issues.

The first thing you need to open a restaurant is, of course, a hall. Finding a suitable site will not be easy, because the profitability of the business will depend on its location.

To decide where to open a fast food restaurant, you need to consider who the main consumers of such establishments are.

Most often fast food regulars are:

  • pupils;
  • pupils;
  • teachers;
  • civil servants;
  • military personnel.

In short, the main customer of a fast food restaurant is someone who spends a lot of time away from home and little time to eat.

For this reason, you should definitely find a seat in a high traffic restaurant.

May be:

  • Shopping centers.
  • Close-ups of residential buildings.
  • Close to universities, train stations, hospitals, etc.

And, again, when choosing a place, do not forget the permits that you will definitely need. If it is not difficult to conclude a lease agreement in a shopping center, then to open a restaurant on the ground floor of a residential building, permissions from all its residents are required.

At the same time, catering establishments for their opening require equipment with hoods that protect the environment from harmful fumes.

As for the equipment for restaurants, here first you need to understand what the main directions of the establishment will be.

In any case, several rooms will be available to you:

  • Kitchen.
  • Commercial local.
  • Bathrooms.

You will need to purchase the furniture and equipment needed for cooking.

Let’s first find out what kind of furniture you need. Expensive furniture is not used for fast food restaurants, since such establishments are intended only for eating, and not for long gatherings.

We’ll have to buy tables and chairs, maybe a few more sofas. Also in the trading floor it will be necessary to organize a place for the cashier who will make the payment.

It will not be superfluous to install several refrigerators for drinks, as well as a display case for desserts, salads and cooked meals.

Note: Some fast food restaurants sell buffet meals when they are all cooked and placed behind glass in special dishes (food warmers) that keep food at a temperature suitable for storage.

We will provide an indicative list of furniture and equipment for the sales area, which will be designed for a restaurant with an approximate number of seats for 30-50 people.

Total:330 thousand rubles
Tabletensteal 3600How to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Chair35 year2000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Sofa510 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Display windowone50 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Fridge235 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Cash machine220 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
bar counterone14 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail

In addition to furniture for the hall, you will need equipment for the kitchen. For a fast food restaurant, this is less necessary than for a regular restaurant. This is justified by the fact that most of the cooked dishes will consist of coarse and semi-finished products.

In any case, the equipment will need different equipment: Pizzerias will need ovens, and hamburgers will need deep fryers and grills. In short, it all depends on the concept you choose.

But, so that you can navigate the numbers, let’s name the main equipment that is somehow necessary to open a fast food restaurant.

Total:255 thousand rubles
Technological table225000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Industrial sink with table210 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
frying surfaceone59 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
vegetable cutterone25000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
cooling chamberone60 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Freezerone17 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
fryerone17 000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail
Rackone7000 rubHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detailHow to open a fast food restaurant: in detail

Please note that the names and prices of equipment and furniture shown in the example are approximate and may vary depending on the manufacturer, region and capacity.

What else do you need to buy to equip a fast food restaurant?

In such establishments, it is customary to use disposable tableware. But, since we are talking about fast food restaurants, ordinary dishes can be used here. You need to choose based on the concept and pricing policy of your future institution.

If you are going to stop at disposable tableware, take care of its stock in advance. It would be nice if these plates had your institution’s logo on them.

If you still prefer to use dishes, then there is no need to buy the most expensive products, since dishes in such establishments often beat.

In addition, you will need to purchase the necessary utensils for the kitchen:

  • pots
  • pots
  • food storage trays.

Also, don’t forget that you will have to wholesale food trays (if self-service is to be used), napkins, bags and packaging for those who want to buy food on them.

Number 3. Organization of service in a fast food restaurant: how many employees will be required?

Often all fast food restaurants use one of two common customer service systems:

  1. Self-service system.By organizing the service in this way, the visitor himself places an order with the cashier, pays and immediately receives his order on the spot.In the case of using such a system, there is no need to hire waiters, only cashiers, such a scheme is often used when opening these restaurants.
  2. Partial service system.This scheme assumes that the buyer independently places an order with the cashier, pays and goes to the table. The waiter brings the finished dish to the guest as soon as it is ready.Somewhat less often this type of service is used in fast food restaurants. For its implementation, additional employees are needed – waiters (at least a couple of people).

To save money and increase the speed of service, the first option is ideal: a self-service system. Therefore, it would be better to use it to open a restaurant.

With such an organization of the work of the institution, at first it would be advisable to hire 7-10 employees (provided that they will work in shifts).

These include:

  • Cooks – 2 people.
  • Cook assistants – 2 people.
  • Cashiers – 2 people.
  • Cleaners – 3 people.
  • Administrator – 1 person.

At first, you can do without an accountant and a purchasing manager, such duties at the beginning of the business will be within your power.

When hiring, the main thing to remember is that it is important not to hire as many employees as possible, but to clearly define their responsibilities and form a friendly team. Thanks to this, the service in a fast food restaurant will always be at the highest level.

Now that you have resolved all organizational issues, compiled and finalized the menu, organized the service process and purchased food, your restaurant is ready to open.

Further, your main goal will be to attract customers.

No. 4. How to attract customers to a fast food restaurant?

The main ways to attract guests to your property are a comfortable walking area where your restaurant is located and delicious fresh produce.

But these two methods alone, of course, will not be enough.

In order for as many residents as possible to learn about your city, use all possible marketing moves:

  • Consider outdoor bright advertising.
  • Distribute flyers for the opening of the restaurant.
  • Create a colorful website and tell about your business.
  • Offer discounts to large companies and regular customers.
  • Spend weeks on the theme, adding new items to your menu from time to time.

The organization of delivery should be considered as an additional way to attract consumers. To do this, you will need to hire couriers, rent a car and buy coolers, but this step is guaranteed to become an additional source of income for your restaurant.

Having considered all the key points of organizing a business idea for opening a fast food restaurant, let’s calculate all the costs.

How much start-up capital is needed to open a fast food restaurant?

Even though the fast food business is easier to set up and manage, it is no less expensive than a standard restaurant business.

Let’s analyze all the costs that will be required to open a restaurant and calculate the size of the initial investment:

Total:965 thousand rubles
1. Registration of business activity
(for example, we use IP discovery)
800 rub
2. Get permissions30 thousand rubles
3. Rent of premises (at the rate of 100 sq.m.)75 thousand rubles
4. Purchase of equipment (hall furniture
+ kitchen equipment)
585 thousand rubles
5. Purchase of consumables (dishes, napkins)30 thousand rubles
6. Purchase of goods100 thousand rubles
7. Payment of wages (7 people)120 thousand rubles
8. Advertising15 thousand rubles
9. Unexpected expenses10 thousand rubles

As a result, it turns out that opening a fast food restaurant at the start of a business will require from 900 thousand rubles, this is an impressive amount.

But remember that the costs can be much lower. It all depends on where and on the size of the institution you open.

What income should be expected?

The average allowance in such restaurants ranges from 150-300 rubles, which allows you to achieve an average monthly income of 500 thousand rubles. It is expected that every day your restaurant will be visited by 50-70 people.

Based on these figures, we can name the approximate payback period of the enterprise – from 8 to 18 months. On average, such establishments pay off in a year, starting to bring a stable profit to their owner.

Finally, we will analyze another important point: additional opportunities for starting a business.

Modern technologies of restaurateurs.

How to start a fast food business?
Ideas for opening a fast food restaurant.

Franchising as an alternative way to open fast food restaurants

Another way to open a fast food business is through a franchise. In Russia, this method has long gained popularity due to the fact that it is much easier than starting a business from scratch.”

In addition, as statistics show, franchising occupies a leading position in the field of catering:

The essence of franchising is that the franchisor – a group of companies (in our case, a restaurant chain) sells you, the franchisee – a franchise – the right to use the company’s brand to open your business.

In other words, when you buy a franchise, you organize your business according to the standard scheme, but under the name of the promoted brand. Also, the cost of a franchise is a considerable amount that you have to pay initially for the so-called “rent” of someone else’s brand.

In addition to the initial fee, you also agree to pay the franchisor a certain percentage of sales – royalties each month during the course of your activity.

In general, the amount of organizing a business according to this scheme is even more than opening a restaurant on your own. And this is understandable, because a franchise for an entrepreneur has many advantages.

Let’s name the most important of them:

  1. The franchisor, in addition to the right to use the trademark of his enterprise, provides the franchise with a ready-made business plan for the enterprise, a scheme for organizing work, calculating costs and income, as well as a list of everything necessary to open a business.
  2. By purchasing a franchise, the franchisee receives not only a comprehensive guide to creating and running a business, but also a client base developed by the franchisor and a good reputation.
  3. The franchisor undertakes to support the franchisee and help him overcome the difficulties that have arisen in the performance of work throughout the entire process of creating and managing a company.

These advantages fully justify all the investments that need to be made when purchasing a franchise.

A franchise helps a novice entrepreneur to cope with all the organizational problems that constantly arise when implementing a business.

But, on the other hand, buying a franchise also has significant drawbacks, as a result of which many entrepreneurs do not dare to switch to such a business scheme:

  1. The franchisor controls the activities of each entrepreneur very strictly in order to maintain his reputation and maximize profits.
  2. The franchisee does not have the right to make changes in the conduct of the business, as he must fully follow the concept of the franchisor and strictly comply with the terms of the contract.

On the one hand, a ready-made business plan for a profitable business, on the other hand, a high start-up capital and severe restrictions.

Franchising is especially good because it allows any entrepreneur to try to run a business in any area of ​​interest to him. Even if the entrepreneur does not have enough knowledge for such an area, the franchisor will help to get it.

But, at the same time, for creative people who dream of their own special business, this option would be completely inappropriate.

So it’s up to you to decide whether to use franchising as a way to open a fast food restaurant.

If you are still interested in this option, you can check out several websites that contain information about popular franchises in Russia with their detailed description:


So, we have made a detailed overview of the restaurant business idea. Now you know how to open a fast food restaurant, how much capital investment will be required for this, and what will be the main stages of organizing a business.

You can choose one of the ways of doing business: “from scratch” or by purchasing a franchise. Whichever option you choose, remember that the business in this area is very profitable, so you can safely plan your corporate career in this direction.

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