How to open your wedding agency from scratch?

Starting capital – from 25,000 to 100,000 rubles.
Profitability: 25 – 40% per year.
Reimbursement: 6 – 18 months.

It is believed that the happiest day in the life of every girl is the day she gets married. It is not customary for us to save on newlyweds.

Otherwise, according to signs, the “inferior” will live in poverty all their lives.

From a business point of view, opening such a wedding agency is a win-win option.

It allows not only to receive a good income, but also to make many people happy, to improve the birth rate statistics in the country, and in general to do something extremely useful for society.

Besides, who doesn’t want to go to work like it’s a holiday? This is not a business, but a dream! Unless, of course, you find the answer to the question “How to open your own wedding agency?” approach wisely.

How to do this, what is important to consider and how to organize the work of the agency, our website will help you figure it out.

Industry Analysis

Before you open your business, you need to analyze the market.

To begin with, we will present industry average data to determine the size of the wedding market and understand whether it makes sense to invest in it to open your own business.

We also evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Should I open my own wedding agency?

  • Pros: socially significant activity, quick recovery after opening, high commercial profitability even in a crisis, does not require special licenses and permits, does not require special equipment and a large staff.
  • Disadvantages: seasonality, high competition with similar agencies, “unique” services (they don’t get married so often, because there is no concept of “regular customers” here), immediately after opening it requires large investments in advertising.

We study the state of affairs in the market

Please note that the investment, income and depreciation figures above are estimates. The fact is that these indicators when opening a wedding agency depend on many factors.

The minimum amount is indicated in case of refusal from the agency office. But if you immediately open an agency in the center of the capital, the amounts will be huge.

The indicators of Moscow and the regions can differ radically from each other. It is better to start as a free wedding consultant, and then you can open an office.

At the same time, the Russian wedding market is huge.

So, only in 2016, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, 985,834 marriages were concluded.

The agency predicts that the statistics will start to rise again in a couple of years, when the children of the boom period of the early 2000s grow up, just the time for your wedding agency to declare itself.

Market participants note that the average cost of a ceremony is from 200,000 to 300,000 thousand rubles (in 2016 prices), so many people want to open their own wedding business. And all this despite the demographic decline in the country.

Do the math: a wedding agency presents an average of 4 weddings per month. Wedding period from May to October (6 months). It turns out 24 weddings for one office. 986,000 weddings divided by 24.

It turns out that Russia can “feed” about 41,000 (!) wedding agencies.

However, for now, all newlyweds attract specialists, and not an experienced neighbor working for food. That is, the prospects for your agency are the most optimistic.

However, it is worth considering the geographical factor: the closer to the capital you plan to open an agency, the higher the costs.

In Moscow, only the services of a photographer and cameraman start from 45-50 thousand rubles.

What does a wedding agency do?

Now we will indicate exactly what such a business does in order to better understand the principles of its earnings when it is finally opened.

Here is a sample list of services:

  • organization of a wedding ceremony and other celebrations, preparation of a marriage for registration;
  • organization of preliminary parties (“stag parties”, “hen parties”, corporate parties, etc.);
  • assistance in organizing a “honeymoon”;
  • organization of transport and photo / video filming, decoration of premises;
  • preparation of the festive table;
  • organization of shows and musical accompaniment, hiring a presenter;
  • work with guests (sending out invitations, assistance in compiling guest lists, etc.);
  • less often: tailoring or assistance in choosing a dress for the bride and a suit for the groom, makeup, hairstyles for the bride and bridesmaids, etc.

As you can see, there are many services, and the business is easily scalable.

In addition, it is possible to open an office without an office: work as a wedding consultant or “own agency”, perform all the main functions on your own, hiring freelancers from time to time.

In general, a wedding agency is an intermediary structure that helps professionally prepare an event, paves the way for a happy family life for young people, leaving them only a vacation without problems and worries.

For this you take your commission.

Therefore, taking into account the costs and profitability, such an own business looks extremely attractive.

If you can understand the intricacies of a wedding, you can fully reveal it.

A detailed plan on how to open your own wedding agency from scratch

The agency does not require special permits and certificates, so it is relatively easy to open it.

Their contractors are legally responsible for the quality of food, drink and music.

You are just an intermediary, and you are fully responsible to the client for the design, layout and overall coordination of the celebration.

The main disadvantage of customer dissatisfaction is the cost of image. An agency with a bad reputation is unlikely to meet the needs of clients.

The image is also your capital, which, once opened, will have to be mined with difficulty. But first things first.

To work in this market, you can go in two ways:

  1. Open your wedding agency from scratch.
  2. Open an agency to acquire the rights to a well-known franchise.

With a franchise, everything is clear – we get a ready-made “case”, which includes a business plan for a wedding agency, contacts of suppliers and advertisers. The key is that we discount a certain percentage of our orders.

For example, a well-known Russian network of wedding agencies offers to open an agency under its own brand for 24,000 rubles.

Royalties – 8,000 rubles per year, but only according to the results of the first year after opening (if it burns down, then there is no need to pay royalties accordingly).

The volume of investments is from 25,000 to 90,000 rubles, the payback period is 6 months.

This is important from the point of view of PR: you will work under someone else’s brand. Those requests will be fulfilled, and the client will consider that he has come to this well-known network of wedding agencies.

Working under an umbrella brand has its pros and cons:

  • On the one hand, you do not need to puzzle over your wedding agency business plan, design before opening, everything will be done for you.That is, it is extremely simple to open such a business, but it will cost more.
  • On the other hand, it is a pity to share the newly earned money, especially at the beginning of the activity, immediately after the opening, when there will always be a shortage of money.

How to open your own wedding agency: premises, equipment, staff

1) Registration of a “wedding” business

And now let’s see how to open your own wedding agency from scratch. Suppose you are already a great specialist in this industry, you know how the registry office is hacked and what kind of rings they put on.

In this case, you need to go to the state registrar and draw up a state of emergency or LLC.

Registration of companies is carried out by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation

Here are the services they provide:

Starting your own business these days is relatively easy. Almost everything can be done online. You just need to open the registrar’s website, create your “personal account” there and manage your agency from there.

It will also be possible to make all reports through electronic forms. Everything is optimized, any function can be opened/activated with one or two mouse clicks.

What to choose for a wedding agency: a “private owner” format or a limited liability company, you need to decide in advance, before opening.

The key difference is that legal entities (companies, organizations) cannot be clients of an individual entrepreneur / private entrepreneur).

Legal registration usually lasts a couple of weeks and requires about 10 thousand rubles. Let the wedding agency do not need licenses, but it needs a bank account and an order for its own printing.

Correcting these problems takes most of the time before opening.

Having highlighted the legal side of the matter, it is worth going straight to the “production” part.

Based on the list of services, we will determine what our office should look like (and whether we need it), what equipment should be purchased and who should be hired so as not to close immediately after opening.

2) Search for premises for a wedding agency

For a full-fledged agency offering a full range of services, an office is required.

It should be a fairly large office space, divided into departments:

  • a part where you can chat with a client in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • the second, where your employees will be directly located.

If we talk about large cities, then office rent is a key item of expenditure. Especially if the choice fell on the city center.

A bright room of 20 square meters is recommended. This space must be stylishly decorated and kept clean, otherwise clients will not trust you to organize a wedding.

You must understand that you and the office staff will be sitting in the office. No one is going to celebrate here. A separate hall will be rented for the wedding.

However, this is where you will negotiate with clients and contractors. Depending on the state of your office, they will evaluate your business. If we open an office, what style!

3) How to equip a “wedding” office?

If your office is planned to be very modest, then a standard one will be enough: an office table, two or three chairs and, preferably, a small sofa or couch – a functional office decoration.

If you decide to make a larger agency with a full office, you will have to spend a lot of money here. Office tables, chairs, an armchair, the same sofa or ottoman will “pull” 50,000–100,000 rubles.

This does not include computers, telephones and other office equipment. For all this, you can open a credit line at the bank, but now the rates are “biting”.

Nowadays, another important attribute of a wedding agency is a projector, as well as a color printer with high print quality.

You will need the latter even before the opening, to print promotional materials. This is at least another 50,000 rubles.

The purchase of a professional camera, lighting and other equipment for shooting can cost an additional 100,000 rubles.

Your business depends on it, so it is advisable not to choose the cheapest equipment.

Expense item for opening a wedding agencyQuantity (rub.)
Total:From 200 000 rub
office furniture agencyHow to open your wedding agency from scratch?How to open your wedding agency from scratch?50,000 – 100,000
Office equipment (computers, phones, printer)How to open your wedding agency from scratch?How to open your wedding agency from scratch?From 50 000
Camera + crewHow to open your wedding agency from scratch?How to open your wedding agency from scratch?100,000
Projector (optional)How to open your wedding agency from scratch?How to open your wedding agency from scratch?From 10 000 rub.

Again, all this is relevant only in the case of large businesses. For a modest IP specialist, an office is not needed at all.

At the same time, the absence of an office can become a competitive advantage for your “wedding agency”. After all, you will come to the client yourself, demonstrating a personal approach, which is very much appreciated in our time.

4) Advertisement for a wedding agency

The main thing to remember is that when organizing a wedding agency, from the point of view of a business model, the main thing is not the presence of a spacious office or many office employees, but the creation of a database of contacts.

You must become “their own” for restaurateurs, musicians, actors, flower sellers and wedding paraphernalia stores. The best thing is to establish a barter relationship: you advertise them by handing out their brochures, and they recommend you to their customers.

Let’s not forget about advertising managers. Most of them work for a percentage of contracts.

If the advertiser does not bring you income, then, therefore, you do not receive anything. Therefore, a good advertiser is interested in the prosperity of his business.

Usually, it is recommended to spend at least 10 thousand rubles or at least 1/10 of income on an advertising campaign through various channels (website promotion, social networks, media advertising, etc.).

But here it is worth considering the scale of your business (often the smaller it is, the greater the share of advertising costs).

5) What kind of staff is needed for a wedding agency?

This is the place to specify the state requirements. The minimum “set” of employees is as follows:

  1. Director: meets with clients, negotiates with contractors and partners, “visits” documentation, manages business processes;
  2. 1-2 account managers: directly involved in organizing events, communicating with clients, celebration plans, order lists, etc. — key employees in terms of the business model;
  3. Designer – responsible for the design of the wedding, for the “creativity” and originality of the celebration.
  4. On a license basis, you must collaborate with a photographer, driver (with car), florist, decorator, artists/host, etc.

No one is immune from mistakes when starting a business.

You will find a brief overview of the most common in the video:

What is the profitability and payback of opening a wedding agency?

So, we already know the essence of this wedding business. What to buy and how to make also figured out. It remains to calculate the minimum expenses and income, and, finally, launch our office.

On average, the Moscow office holds 4 weddings per month, although there are exceptions. The income from such a volume of work can be about 800,000 rubles or more. (I remind you that a wedding costs about 200,000 rubles).

At first glance, the amount is impressive, but the payment for the services of counterparties and contractors, the salaries of employees, the advertising campaign and other related expenses have not yet been deducted.

Don’t forget utility bills, taxes, paper and stationery purchases. All of these are often overlooked by aspiring entrepreneurs when writing a business plan.

It turns out that the net income of your business from each wedding will be exactly at the level of 30-40% percent (more or less, depending on the season).

Initial investment in the decision to open an agency (equipment, design, advertising, etc.)From 25 to 100,000 rubles.
Monthly expenses after opening a business (staff, rent, utility bills, etc.)From 80 -150 000 rubles.
Settlements with counterparties, contractors100-150,000 rubles from the wedding / up to 70-80% of income
Monthly income (wedding season)From 800,000 rubles (200,000*4)
Business profitability (during the wedding season)20-40%
Return on business investmentFrom 6 months

When thinking about the question of how to open your own wedding agency from scratch, it should be borne in mind that in the first month after opening, you are unlikely to gain a sufficient number of clients.

This market is quite conservative and brides are very wary of agencies.

It is not difficult to open an agency, it is difficult to stay in the market while no one knows about you.

Conclusion: a wedding agency is a quite profitable business idea that does not require bureaucracy and additional legal registration.

If you have such a desire, it is obviously worth opening. All you need, beyond the initial investment, is creative thinking and stress tolerance.

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