How to start cooking: a step-by-step business plan

How to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan: financial section, Top 3 competitive advantages, cost of starting and developing a business.

Capital investments: 300,000 rubles.
Company compensation: from 12 months.

Not only an experienced entrepreneur, but also a housewife can think about organizing a food business.

In the first case, it can attract the potential for the development of this niche and high demand.

And for the fair sex, as a rule, this is an opportunity to fulfill themselves and just do something for the soul.

In any case, you will need to draw up a kitchen business plan.

Only serious planning will allow you to create a business that will work steadily and prosper.

The development platform is really impressive.

A large percentage of people have neither the desire nor the time to cook.

This is especially true for workaholics, although the need for delicious food is inherent in everyone.

However, a favorable environment for success is not enough.

Let’s find out what else you need to open a culinary business.

Target audience analysis for a culinary business plan

The target audience of the kitchen is quite large.

However, it is important to include these details in the business plan.

After all, an advertising campaign, place, format – it all depends on the portrait of the average buyer.

For establishments selling ready meals, the main target audience will be people who spend a lot of time at work.

They will come to the outlet after a hard day’s work.

As a rule, this period lasts from Monday to Friday after 17:00.

Another broad category is bachelors.

Men will visit the grocery store at any time.

But for the kitchen, where they prepare dishes for public catering, the target audience will be different.

These are different companies that order business lunches in the office and at lunchtime.

And the people who organize the holidays.

Possible culinary opening formats

There are several possible options for starting a food production business.

They differ not only in format, but also in the size of investments, payback periods and other indicators.

Cooking Formats:

  • Separate outlet.This format is almost never this case, it is difficult to predict the development potential.In order for the culinary point to pay off, it is necessary to choose a place for the point very competently and successfully.
  • Culinary department in a supermarket.Opening a department store for the sale of ready-made meals in a supermarket brings several bonuses: it allows you to sell products with a “suitable” shelf life, expand the range and attract more customers.
  • Food.This is the name of a catering service for events and meetings.This is a good option for aspiring entrepreneurs who are just “tasting the water”.But catering can also be an option to downsize a regular establishment.

This does not mean that one format of business organization is better than another. Each of them has its own characteristics.

The entrepreneur chooses the option that is most convenient for him and potentially the most profitable.

How to open a canteen?

Competitive advantages in the culinary business plan

The culinary business niche is also risky because the level of competition is quite high.

And identifying significant competitive advantages is not easy.

Let’s try to identify three factors that can make customers contact you.

naturalnessEcological and natural products are always in fashion. But in recent years, the prefix “eco” has increased demand several times over. Using this trend is very simple, because the products are already homemade. Emphasize this in brochures or on product packaging (if you are preparing takeaway food).
Working timeNot all representatives of the target audience work until 18-19 hours. If you can move your closing time to 22:00-23:00, increase your coverage. As a result, you get an advantage.
RangeSurveys show that shoppers prefer to choose from a wider variety of dishes. When it is not possible to cook alone, the same dishes become boring. Try experimenting with the range. You can also host themed weeks and cook dishes from specific countries.

What should a food advertisement look like?

Cooking is a very specific activity in terms of advertising.

Therefore, opening an institution “alone”, in a separate room, is quite risky.

It is difficult to advertise a point, but several methods are worth noting.

Ways to promote culinary:

  • Dot decoration.Use the space as additional inventory.Be sure to order an illuminated sign, banners can be placed on the outer walls.If there are crowded places to the side, install some kind of sign (signs on the sidewalk, graffiti on the asphalt).
  • Booklets and flyers.Since culinary specialists tend to become customers based on the territory, distribution of flyers gives a good result.They can be placed in the mailboxes of neighboring houses.Or hire promoters to distribute in crowded places nearby.
  • Action.For ready-made meals with a short shelf life, discounts are often organized in the evening.This attracts customers and allows you to sell products that would otherwise have to be abandoned.

Where to open a cookery?

If you are not the first time interested in business ideas, you know that a well-chosen location is half the success of a business.

This is especially important for cooking.

After all, ready-made food is not a product for which customers will be ready to go to a certain place.

Unless, of course, your kitchen is catering-oriented.

So places near:

  • shopping centers;
  • educational institutions;
  • markets;
  • railroad station;
  • in shopping centers and supermarkets.

it is important not to forget that the SES, like the fire inspectorate, will have its own requirements for the premises.

If you rent a place in a shopping center or a supermarket, the solution of these problems is shifted to the administration.

Staff selection to discover cooking

Culinary salespeople may not have much experience, although this will no doubt be a significant advantage.

But for a chef, this requirement is mandatory.

As well as the availability of medical books for each cook.

Don’t skimp on employee training.

These investments will lead to an increase in the profits of the institution in the future.

In addition, the presence of team bonuses will reduce staff turnover.

Job titleQtySalary (rub.)
Total:four100000 rub
Salesman220 000

If you plan to expand your production in the future, you may also need a baker.

This point is also worth noting in the culinary business plan.

Healthy food cafe business plan

Cooking opening calendar plan

The culinary business plan also includes a schedule.

It shows in what terms you need to open an institution.

Event1 monthtwo months3 months
Registration and paperworkHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
Conclusion of a lease agreementHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
Purchase and installation of equipmentHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
Search for colleaguesHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
Launch of an advertising campaignHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
Create a supply of foodHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan
start cookingHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business planHow to open a kitchen: a step-by-step business plan

Financial section of the culinary business plan

The cost of creating an idea to open a culinary art depends on several factors: format, location, size, and others.

The following are indicative cost items that you can focus on when writing a business plan.

How much money does it take to open a cookery?

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:300 000 rub
Registration, paperwork15,000
Redevelopment of the premises50,000
Advertising campaign15,000
Purchase and installation of equipment70 000
Create a supply of food150 000

Regular investment in cooking

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:210 000 rub
Tax deductions5000
Employee salary100,000
Advertising campaign10,000
To go shopping50,000
other expenses15,000

Profitability and payback of cooking

“Companies that satisfy someone’s needs are usually successful; a profit-oriented business is rarely successful.”
Nicholas Butler

The payback period of preparation, as well as the cost of opening, depends on many factors.

Home cooking for delivery to the office can be 100% affordable.

More serious organization: pays off in 12-18 months.

Experts advise not to rely on the fact that investments can quickly pay off.

Indeed, in this sector, it is difficult and time-consuming to achieve profit stability.

Good planning can increase your chances of success.

The good news is that the convenience food business niche is constantly evolving.

The market is believed to rise by an impressive 30% in the short term!

Therefore, ambitious businessmen have something to work on.

For entrepreneurs who want to open their own kitchen, I recommend watching the following video:

3 Tips for Successful Cooking

  1. There are many ways to reduce business costs, but in no case should you save on product quality!Word of mouth is the best way to promote, but it is quite tricky.A satisfied customer may be slow to leave a good review.And anyone who encounters stale or bland food is almost guaranteed to ruin your reputation.Or worse, your client may end up in a hospital bed, which is already very bad.
  2. A good move is to open a small cafe while is enough to set up several tables, a microwave oven and buy disposable tableware.People will be able to have a quick bite without leaving the checkout.In this regard, this is a powerful competitive advantage over conventional stores and more expensive cafes.
  3. As well as opening the kitchen, it is worth thinking about the further development of the business.For a large city, it would be more appropriate to open several small outlets in different areas.This will allow you to reach a wider audience.In small towns, such a step is not recommended, it is better to develop a point.

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