Jewelry accessories store: how to organize on the Internet?

Jewelry fittings online store: 8 reasons to open + necessary actions + market analysis + 8 sites for creating a website + 7 storage sites + organizational problems + promotion + calculation of financial indicators.

One of the success factors of any business is demand. If potential buyers are provided with exactly the goods and services they need, the entrepreneur will invariably get the desired result.

Hence, embroidery is considered a popular direction. Recently, handmade jewelry has gained great popularity and value. This means that there is a demand for haberdashery products that serve as consumables.

Therefore, an online store of jewelry accessories will be a win-win option for those who want to open their own business, but do not have large investments for this.

Reasons to open an online jewelry accessories store

The female gender has always had a passion for jewelry. But in the realities of the modern world with the instability of wages, the deteriorating economic situation of the country, not all young women can treat themselves to a valuable product.

Therefore, jewelry came to the fore, which, with high-quality production, sometimes looks much more respectable. Such products are in great demand on the Internet. Those such purchases occur spontaneously, recklessly, when the eyes “want” and the person has acquired.

Of course, you will need accessories to make jewelry. A business that sells it on the Internet is a great idea for women to improve their financial situation and please other representatives of the weak half of humanity.

After all, by making decorative elements available for needlework, you will make it easier for craftswomen to realize their creative ideas. If you approach the formation of the assortment correctly, then the accessories will quickly run out via the Internet.

In addition, in order to open a store selling such products, there is no need to look for and rent premises, which means high costs. Of course, it is necessary to implement the idea on the Internet. By the way, statistics show that more accessories are bought online than in offline stores.

The peculiarity of the lesson is that the elements for creating jewelry will have to be purchased often and in small batches. This reduces the risk of wasting money. If any item remains in stock, with the discount system, you will have no problem selling it as soon as possible.

So, what are the reasons for opening an online accessories store:

  • small costs;
  • quick return;
  • high demand for products;
  • lack of reference to the season;
  • corporate relevance;
  • minimal risks of insolvency of the store;
  • simplified scheme of the company;
  • process automation.

It is also worth noting that the level of competition in this segment is low. There are dozens of websites selling jewelry on the Internet. There are much fewer shops specializing in the sale of accessories, or the prices for goods in them are quite high.

Therefore, many craftsmen have to equip themselves with accessories using Western online stores. Often turn to Aliexpress and their analogues. Thus, by making an effort and having a good advertising campaign, the entrepreneur will be able to quickly enter the market and occupy his niche.

But an increasing number of people are beginning to be interested in this line of business on the Internet. Therefore, it is better to start now to open a shop selling accessories.

Actions of an entrepreneur when opening an online jewelry accessories store

To open an online store, an entrepreneur must first draw up a business plan. You can ignore this stage, but along with the planning of activities and the document in which the results will be presented, the businessman will clearly coordinate his further actions.

Get a good effect in the shortest possible time if you follow all the necessary steps to open an online store.

First, it is registration as an individual entrepreneur.

From OKVED indicate:

It is not necessary to license the sale of accessories over the Internet. It is advisable to choose a simplified taxation system. According to him, the entrepreneur will have to pay quarterly 6% of the revenue or 15% of the net profit of the store. Choose at your discretion.

So, you have to analyze the market, decide what assortment you will offer the buyer. For the supply of products, you must specify the sources of supply, for example, suppliers.

When all organizational aspects are taken into account, you can go directly to the technical implementation, for example, to create an online store. Here you can do it yourself if you have the skills to build a website.

A great solution would be to contact a professional developer. However, the organization of an online store requires limited knowledge and experience, so it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

If you want to save money, try creating an online marketplace using special online builders. They provide various tools to simplify things, various models and other components.

it is important to understand that with none of the options you choose, you will not avoid costs. You still have to pay for the domain name and hosting, pay salaries to employees.

Another entrepreneur who decides to open a jewelry store on the Internet will have to calculate all financial indicators and develop an advertising campaign.

1. Market analysis of jewelry and accessories.

Before opening an online home appliance store, first find out all available information about the state of affairs in the industry, the current market situation and development prospects.

it is necessary to analyze the consumption of products, that is, to find out the target audience and its preferences. As you know, women buy jewelry and, accordingly, accessories.

In addition, there are no age restrictions as such. However, target young women between the ages of 18 and 35. As a rule, girls of this age prefer to use the Internet and engage in physical labor more than others.

Use the market research data contained in:

These sources will help you to survey the handicraft industry through the Internet, to know the growth rate of the national jewelry production and its volume. Then you can find out the level of need for fittings. In addition, market analysis will give you an understanding of pricing principles, promotion methods and distribution channels.

Analyze other players with whom you will compete. You can learn something from them, find out what their shortcomings and advantages are. Use this knowledge when starting an online hardware manufacturing business and you are guaranteed to outperform the competition.

What can you see in the jewelry and accessories market? It is inherent:

  • transience of fashion;
  • a high level of consumption in such regions of Russia as the Far Eastern Federal District, the Urals Federal District, the Central Federal District;
  • growth rate (average annual) reaches 8%;
  • positive dynamics of development;
  • increased demand for products in ethnic and glamorous floral style;
  • demand for large and bright accessories and jewelry in summer and spring.

Domestic jewelry production has experienced ups and downs over the past 6 years. There was significant growth in 2014. In 2015, the drop was 15%. In value terms, the volume of the jewelry and accessories market amounted to more than 802 million rubles.

In 2016, the jewelry market grew by 30%. Bestsellers are: earrings, chains with pendants, rings. Despite the fact that glamor and ethnicity are coming into fashion, the classic is still the main trend.

Most of the products are produced in St. Petersburg, Ivanovo region. In general, we can say that the market for accessories and jewelry is not yet saturated. Competition will intensify as new entrepreneurs actively enter the business.

Experts believe that, based on this, it is better to create a mixed-type store on the Internet, so that it contains not only accessories, but also finished products.

2. How to create an online hardware store?

If you intend to give developers the opportunity to create an online store, you can look for them on freelance exchanges. Another option is to contact the company.

For example, Web-now offers helpful tips on the web ( For 99 thousand rubles, she will provide you with a store with a unique design, wide functionality, and an online consultant. The company also provides a wide range of additional services.

More favorable terms of cooperation are offered by Newsite ( The Internet agency has been professionally engaged in the creation of online stores for more than 7 years. The cost of the “Quick Start” tariff is 39.9 thousand rubles.

The company is different:

  • fast execution,
  • 3 months of free support in the store,
  • Individual approach to each client.

You can also recommend the platform. It is designed for self-organization of an online store. However, for 10 thousand rubles, its developers will take over the technical part of the work, installation and consultations. For an additional fee, a design will be developed.

3. Features of independent creation of an online store of accessories for jewelry.

If you are going to create an online marketplace for selling accessories on your own, get ready for painstaking work.

The following platforms are recommended for this activity:


We will not describe in detail the process of creating an online store for jewelry accessories. However, let’s bring some clarity. The listed platforms allow you to use a previously rented domain. In most cases, transferring a store to another hosting is prohibited.

Advantshop, Insales Wix and Eshoper have extensive options for editing fields, adding products manually, and customizing the interface to your liking. They offer a wide variety of templates to give your online store a modern look.

It is also possible to create a personal account by adding a product recommendation option (for example, “They buy this product”, “You will be interested”, etc.). In addition, it is allowed for an online accessories store: give coupons, save discounts, choose any payment method.

Almost all platforms provide tools for SEO analysis, reporting, and optimization. But the most “advanced” on the Internet are Alltrades, Eshoper, Webasyst, Ucoz, Insales, Advantshop. On these platforms, you have the opportunity to set up a shop both for free and for a fee.

Without money, you will receive a trial or trial version of the accessory store, and in order to “fill” it with various advanced options, additional modules, you will somehow have to resort to a fee that involves a certain commission.

Prices are different everywhere. And the more functions there are, the more it will be spent on the monthly use of the store.

The price may also depend on the volume of sales of jewelry fittings, or it may be rented by the day. For example, Advantshop offers a base rate of 8,000 rubles, while Insales offers a higher rate of almost 10,000 rubles. You can get a license from Eshoper (an online store with all available features and an unlimited product catalog) for 60,000 rubles.

The finished solution is estimated at more than 28 thousand rubles. When creating an online store on your own, you need to pay from 1.4-3 thousand rubles a month. The Alltrades tariff provides for a rent of 990 rubles. Per month + advertising from 2 rubles. Each.

Note: the operation of the online store will be effective if you set the filter and search for goods, import / export of accessories and price lists in automatic mode, from the main functions – a shopping cart, etc.

The delivery mechanism will need to be worked out. The buyer must have a choice. Offer such options as Russian Post, Express mail, SPSR-Express. Write a unique and informative description of accessories, you need to take pictures yourself so that the pictures are original.

You can prepare content yourself, but if there are a lot of products, resort to copywriters. They are easy to find on,, and other freelance exchanges. Don’t forget to enter your details on the store’s website.

4. Creation of a commodity stock in the online store of accessories for jewelry.

To harmoniously form an assortment for an online store of household appliances, find suppliers with the most favorable conditions. Calculate the approximate cost of construction, taking into account the markup and the purchase price. Determine the position of products relative to competitors.

Be sure to shape the assortment of accessories in accordance with the needs of the buyer. Find out which competitor product categories on the Internet are most in demand by embroiderers and large jewelry manufacturers. Keep approximately the same proportions and integrate the catalog with other types of fittings.

When forming the assortment, one should strive for diversity. Let it be imported, and if possible, domestic products. You should strive to ensure that the buyer in your online jewelry store can buy everything he needs and thereby save on shipping. Therefore, expand the assortment of the store.

All fittings are divided into 7 areas:

Connecting accessories are the most popular on the Internet, as they are used in the manufacture of almost all types of jewelry. These include welded, removable, double twisted rings.

Also in this group of fittings there are connectors or expanders. They may have several fasteners for connecting beads and other details.

Candlesticks are a kind of connectors that serve as the basis for pendants and earrings.

The second category also applies to fasteners. These are the supports needed to create pendants, bracelets called bales. They are shaped like a tunnel for pulling on a rope. The bales are available in both split and gripper versions.

Attachments include carabiners (crabs, lobsters), that is, ordinary mounts with a mechanical clip.

Depending on the form, there are:

  • together,
  • hitch
  • screw pins,
  • pins
  • Blazer
  • hairpins.

The store must have outdoor accessories:

  • spices,
  • washing machine,
  • caps,
  • creampie.

Masking parts are used to hide knots, fasten the ends of the fishing line, string together. These are limit switches, eyelets (calots), eyelets, sockets for the side of the frame.

Decorative accessories on the Internet are presented:

  • traps (spirals) for beads;
  • structure;
  • pendants;
  • settings;
  • medallions, etc.

it is desirable that the store has lanki, spandex, threads, chokers, basics. You will also need to purchase round nose pliers, thin pliers, side cutters, etc.

On the “shelves” of other online accessories stores, you can also find bases for rings, brooches, hoops, bracelets, cufflinks, beads, beads, expanders, latex rubber bands, clips, rhinestones, streams, chains, cords, sequins, cabochons, polymer clay and others

Ideally, you should have around 500-700 positions. Typically, jewelry consumables are made from strong yet lightweight metal alloys. From above they are covered with a scattering of silver, bronze and even gold. Most often, steel is the basis for fittings, a little less often bronze, brass, acrylic, etc.

Attention to product quality. Accessories should not oxidize, cause allergies and irritate the skin, darken.

5. Organizational moments when opening an online jewelry accessories store.

Don’t assume that the only customers in your online accessories store are girls. These products are purchased from creative clubs, retail stores, workshops and handicraft schools. Therefore, you should have something to offer them.

When choosing suppliers, take your time. Think carefully about all possible options.

It is recommended to purchase relatively expensive accessories (natural stone beads) from Chinese suppliers. For several contractors, 10 mm beads at a wholesale price can cost 4-100 rubles.

Prices for goods from China will be much lower. For example, a string of 38 beads will cost 180-200 rubles, and in Russian online stores it will be sold for 500-600 rubles. India can also be considered a supplier country. They also produce a lot of decent accessories.

It is not necessary to look for storage space. Jewelry accessories do not take up much space, they can be stored at home.

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One person can open an online jewelry accessories store. But then he will have to perform many tasks. Therefore, it is best to hire an employee who will take care of adding products, administering, updating the accessory gallery.

She must be an experienced girl in the range to provide proper service and advice. The second employee may be responsible for working with orders, organizing delivery.

one more person is needed for bookkeeping, work with suppliers. To cut down on staff costs, take some of your work to work.

6. Ways to promote an online jewelry accessories store.

Advertising is not without reason called the engine of commerce. In fact, at first, while no one knows about the online accessories store, sales will be weak. Therefore, your goal will be to quickly increase your customer base, promote your site using advertising and other tools.

It is recommended to buy space for placing Internet banners on various web resources. On the first day when you launch a hardware store, you can organize a promotion. This will be a good incentive to buy one or another type of product and receive additional samples (as a gift.

When a jewelry accessories store is open for a while, be sure to save some discounts to attract new targeted customers. Make discounts on outdated accessories. You can report the progress of the promotion in the mailing list by e-mail. Plus, make discounts on upcoming purchases from regular wholesale customers.

Already at the stage of creating an online store, you provide a “Reviews” section so that buyers can share their shopping experience. If you completely satisfy the client with the fulfillment of the order, believe me, you will have a good reputation.

To stimulate demand for a certain category of accessories, for example, natural stones, you can use advertising slogans such as: “Purchasing accessories from agate and turquoise speaks of the sharpness and good taste of their owner.”

The following tabs will also be a good addition: “Blog”, “Helpful Tips”, “News”, “Application Features”.

In addition, it is necessary to promote the accessories store on the Internet by exporting goods to the following marketplaces:

  • Yandex Market;
  • Google Shopping.

Overview of accessories and tools for assembling jewelry.

What tools are needed for the job? Types of fasteners.

Is it profitable to open a jewelry accessories store on the Internet?

Calculate the average cost of opening an online store:

  • registration – 3-3.5 thousand rubles;
  • taxes – 6 thousand rubles;
  • salary – about 60 thousand rubles;
  • creation of an online store – up to 80 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of goods – 50-100 thousand rubles;
  • other expenses – 40 thousand rubles.

The initial investment will be about 240 thousand rubles. But you need to understand that this indicator in your case will be different, depending on the method of creating an online store, the number of assortments, supplier prices, etc.

The markup must not exceed 50%. Otherwise, you will not have buyers. According to statistics, the average buyer spends more than 500 rubles on jewelry. As for accessories for her, it’s more or less the same, since women needlewomen usually buy in bulk.

Therefore, selling goods per day for 10 thousand rubles, you will earn 15 thousand rubles, of which 5 thousand rubles. – net profit. But practice shows that at the initial stage, the monthly income of an entrepreneur fluctuates between 30-40 thousand rubles.

So, gradually increasing the client base and replenishing the range of accessories, it is quite possible to reach 80 and even 100 thousand rubles a month. The costs will pay off in 6-8 months.

An online store of jewelry accessories will bring its owner a decent profit if you follow the formula: more assortment – lower prices – higher service – faster delivery.

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