Photo studio step by step business plan

Presentation of a detailed photo studio business plan for beginners. Become the best among competitors!

Capital investment in a photo studio: 595,000 rubles
♦ Project profitability: 45%
♦ Payback period: 24 months

Many people think that in the era of development and availability of technology, the need for photo studios has disappeared. Indeed, it is not!

. although it is sometimes possible to take a picture with a regular phone in addition to a DSLR, there is always a demand for professional services.

The salons are approached by business people who need to take high-quality photos for advertising, and ordinary people who prefer professional photographers.

If you decide to try your hand at this field, the first step is to draw up a business plan for a photography studio.

Photo Studio Business Plan: Planning

This section of the business plan should contain information about all aspects of the future business. In addition, the description of the project is carried out in such a way that the photo studio is already open and functioning.

Project Summary

The shortest, but no less important section of a business plan.

The curriculum includes information about the location of the photo studio, the schedule of work, and the goals of the project. 5-7 sentences are enough.
You will have the opportunity to elaborate on this topic later.


The current business plan describes the opening of photo studio N, located in the Moscow region.
Opening hours: daily, from 11.00 to 20.00.
Project leader: Ivanov I.I.
List of business plan goals:

  • meet the needs of private and legal clients in providing affordable photo services;
  • create a source of income;
  • bring the company to a high level of profitability.

It’s worth going back to the goals outlined in the photography studio business plan from time to time to tailor the progress of the project.

Marketing plan

An analysis of the needs of the population in a business plan in this industry shows the following indicators:

  • 40% of households have personal photographic equipment;
  • the graph of demand for digital cameras is constantly growing;
  • a glut of new brands increases the risk of acquiring low-quality equipment;
  • more than 35% of photographers who provide paid services do not have the level and skills necessary for work.

Based on this list of business plan data, it can be concluded that although people are increasingly purchasing semi-professional photographic equipment, the need for the services of professional photographers remains. At the same time, the supply market is quite scarce for really high-level specialists.

The target audience

The target audience of the project is represented in the business plan by the following list of client categories:

  • freelancers;
  • private clients for personal use (family pictures, pregnant women, love stories, themes, etc.);
  • organizations (for work – filling sites and catalogs, creating menus, presentations, promotional materials);
  • modeling and acting agencies.

Competitive advantages

Due to the fact that premises for a photo studio are rented in the Moscow region, it is possible to set a relatively low level of prices for services for clients. This is a clear competitive advantage that must be specified in the business plan.

At the same time, the photographer has numerous diplomas and certificates confirming his high level of professionalism. Low prices for work will not affect the quality of the result at all.

In the future, the development of the project will be aimed at innovations in the field of photography.

Since all employees follow fashion trends and introduce new technologies, the list of studio services will expand, and the business plan will be integrated.
For example, the introduction of shooting stories at a professional level will attract advertising agencies to cooperate.

It is interesting to know: what kind of business is relevant today?

Advertising campaign

Advertising of a photo studio should be not only preliminary (a notification that the salon will be open), but also on an ongoing basis (to promote the project and ensure a stable flow of customers).

The current business plan considers the following list of options:

  1. Distribution of leaflets in crowded places near the photo studio.
  2. Distribution of leaflets in the mailboxes of neighboring houses.
  3. Installation of a bright and noticeable sign.
    If the studio is located in a courtyard or inside another building, there should be clear signage and banners.
  4. Business cards printing.
    To begin with, 1000 copies have been ordered. They are distributed in thematic places (bars, shops of holiday accessories, offices) and distributed to all future clients of the photo studio.


The future fate of the studio largely depends on the correct choice of premises.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate in advance all the factors important for work, indicating their list in the business plan:

  1. Accommodation.
    If the studio is located in the city center, the rent will be more expensive. But at the same time, it will be easier for buyers to find and pick you up.
    In addition, this place is more prestigious than the suburbs.
  2. Ceilings.
    An ordinary apartment is not suitable for decorating a photo studio.
    After all, it will be possible to fully place all the equipment only if there is at least three meters of space between the floor and the ceiling.
  3. Window.
    To be able to work not only with artificial, but also with natural light, the studio should have several large windows.
  4. Square.
    It is advisable to choose a room with an area of ​​​​at least 60 square meters. At the same time, it is necessary to allocate additional space for organizing a dressing room and a dressing room.
  5. Locker room.
    As in the photo studio itself, the dressing room should also have windows. Most professionals prefer to work with natural light sources.
  6. Ventilation.
    it is important that the room is comfortable for any number of visitors. This is not possible without good air circulation.
  7. Electricity.
    A large number of working equipment in a photo studio creates a large load on the electrical network.
    Verify that the electrical wiring can pass this test.

All the tricks of repair in your photo studio:

watch helpful videos and take notes.


Having resolved the issue with the location of the photo studio, the entrepreneur needs to decide on the list of necessary equipment and indicate it in the business plan with prices.

At the opening stage you will need:

  • a professional camera and a set of lenses (you can’t save on this subject anyway);
  • lighting equipment;
  • several interchangeable backgrounds;
  • dressing room design for clients (curtains, mirror, hangers);
  • administrator’s workplace;
  • a sofa and a table for the recreation area of ​​the guests of the photo studio;
  • clothes hangers.

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“Every risk you take is worth it if it is the cause of your success and the good life.”
Richard Branson

The business plan considers two options for organizing a new photo studio:

  1. the entrepreneur acts as an administrator and recruits a qualified photographer;
  2. the entrepreneur himself acts as a photographer and hires an administrator to help with the business.

Make-up artists and hairdressers may be invited to work as full-time employees who will come on call. It is also possible that they work in a sublease of a photography studio.

The business plan should contain a list of job responsibilities.

  • Administrator.
    Coordinates the work of the photo studio, accepts and keeps records of orders, monitors compliance with sanitary and technical labor standards, pays wages to other employees, monitors the stock of consumables and replenishes them if necessary, answers customer questions about services, prices, responds to requests, comments resolves emerging conflict situations.
  • I am taking photos.
    Develops the process of photography, provides the necessary lighting for work, conducts photography of various topics and styles in a photo studio, controls the work of models, responds to the comments and wishes of customers, monitors orders, processes photo orders, is responsible for the timely issuance of finished materials, compliance with the technical regulations for the operation of photo studio equipment maintaining the level of cleanliness in the work area.
  • Makeup artists.
    Change the appearance of a person with the help of cosmetics and make-up techniques, correct flaws and emphasize advantages, create an image for thematic photo shoots, apply makeup, focusing on the wishes and comments of customers.
  • The hairdresser.
    In a photo studio, a hairdresser mainly performs styling clients for photo shoots, creating hairstyles for the theme and image, focuses on the wishes of clients and the advice of the photographer.


After analyzing all the data on the level of demand among customers, we can conclude a list of photo studio services that should be provided. Include this list of activities in your business plan.

  1. Photos of documents.
  2. Photo for brochures, flyers, posters, calendars.
  3. Field work at client events (presentations, competitions, exhibitions).
  4. Field work for individuals.
  5. Photo shoots in the studio and outdoors: love story, children, group, personal, thematic.
  6. Photograph of the item.

This will be enough at the stage of opening and achieving the stability of the project.

After some time, you can add a list of additional services of a photo studio to the business plan: the work of a makeup artist, stylist, body art, henna painting, creation of photo books.

How to open a successful and competitive photography studio:

list of secrets from an expert!

Photo studio business plan: implementation

Opening calendar

The calendar plan is drawn up to control the stages of the business plan implementation.
Thanks to him, managers, deadlines, budget allocated for work are specified.

The opening of a photo studio can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Finding suitable premises for rent, concluding an agreement with the landlord.
  2. Repair of premises, bringing them into line with hygienic and sanitary standards.
  3. Obtain work permits from supervisory authorities (SES, fire safety).
  4. Purchase of equipment and furniture necessary for photography, work of an administrator, hired employees (hairdresser, makeup artist), design of a client’s recreation area.
  5. Installation of furniture and equipment, interior design photo studio.
  6. Search for employees in the company’s staff, training if necessary, training in labor protection, conclusion of contracts with rental services (including with a security company).
  7. Development and launch of an advertising campaign.
  8. The start of a photo studio.

Opening costs

NamePrice, rub)
Documentation, creating a business plan30,000
Repair and decoration150 000
Furniture80 000
Equipment list):
CameraPhoto studio business plan step by stepPhoto studio business plan step by step70 000
Contact lensesPhoto studio business plan step by stepPhoto studio business plan step by step90 000
Lighting equipmentPhoto studio business plan step by stepPhoto studio business plan step by step150 000
Job Requirements25000

Opening a photo studio will cost at least 595,000 rubles.

The numbers in the business plan will vary depending on the region, the quantity and quality of equipment, and other factors.

Financial section of the photo studio business plan

Monthly photo studio expenses

NamePrice, rub)
Expendable materials10,000
Advertising20 000
Employee salary30,000
Premises for rent50,000

It will be necessary to allocate 110,000 rubles a month for the maintenance and development of the photo studio.

Revenue and payback of the project

In the final part, the finished photography studio business plan should contain a section with calculations of potential revenue and return on investment. The data source is companies like yours.

According to statistics, a photo studio with competent business management and advertising pays off in 1.5-2 years.

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