Poultry farming as a home business

Poultry farming as a business: why is it worth doing it and what is needed for this? Financial side: expenses and profit + 4 main points of the business plan.

Capital investments: about 260,000 rubles.
► Return of the company: 10-12 months.

Since half of the animal products in supermarkets are grown in unnatural conditions, their credibility is rapidly declining.

Thanks to this, poultry farming as a business is now quite relevant, because interest in organic food is growing.

This allows small-scale livestock production to enter markets on a large scale.

The advantage of raising poultry over other animals is that, in addition to dietary meat, eggs can be sold.

This will increase the reach of potential customers and, therefore, the income of this family.

Another important advantage of poultry farming is that this business does not require large expenses, but its profitability is quite high.

Especially if you have skills in agriculture and a small plot in the countryside.

How does poultry farming start as a business?

First, you need to decide what exactly will be produced for sale.

If you focus on selling meat, you must understand that the costs will be higher than if you decide to trade only eggs.

Indeed, in order for the bird to reach the required size, and the meat to be tasty and healthy, it must be fed with special feeds and nutritional supplements.

There are some types of poultry that provide more meat, and therefore their cultivation is more profitable.

These include turkeys, meat breeds of chickens, geese and ducks.

But the egg business is more suitable for quails and laying hens.

For example, like Livorno and Lohman Brown, as they start running from an early age.

These chicken breeds produce more eggs per year than normal chickens.

For a successful poultry farm and any other business venture, it is necessary to write a business plan and follow it in the future.

In a poultry farming business plan, there are 5 main points to highlight:

  1. Analysis of competition and all possibilities of poultry farming (financial and so on).
    Based on these data, it is necessary to choose the direction in which the farm will work.
  2. Business incorporation and registration process.
  3. Household affairs (construction and equipment of a chicken coop).
  4. Calculation of financial investments in the company (initial and monthly costs).
  5. Profitability of poultry farming (depreciation period and estimated profit calculation).

What registration is required to breed birds?

Registering a food business is much more difficult than any other, as everything will have to be organized according to sanitary standards and all carcasses or batches of eggs must be certified.

But first, an entrepreneur engaged in poultry farming must be registered as an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

The first option is preferable for a bird breeding business, as it will simplify business accounting and reduce tax deductions.

it is also necessary to choose the form and type of business, according to OKVED codes.

Please note that poultry farming qualifies as a form of agriculture.

This “plays into the hands” of the entrepreneur, as it will reduce the tax costs of the business.

Since obtaining all other permits is a lengthy process, it should be entrusted to an experienced specialist (hire a lawyer).

What are the requirements for a place for poultry farming?

Since most often they begin to breed birds for sale on their own site, it is worth remembering that there are certain territorial requirements for poultry farming as a home business.

By not adhering to these rules, you risk not getting a permit to operate and may even reduce the productivity of your “pets”.

An area of ​​200 square meters is required to breed about 200 birds, depending on the type and breed of the bird.

There are two ways of keeping livestock in poultry farming:

In cagesTo walk
Requires room equipment with all necessary communications. Cages with drinking bowls and other services should be located inside.
Note: This method is best for broilers.
It will be necessary to build an aviary, where there will be enough space for walking the whole flock.

it is very important to understand that if the animals do not have enough space, discomfort will lead not only to a deterioration in their health, but also to conflicts between individuals.

The coop should be quiet and away from the road, as loud noises and constant noise will stress the flock.

it is also desirable that there is vegetation on the site, at least some.

If it is not there initially, you can always plant something.

What equipment is required for poultry farming?

The key equipment for the poultry business is the aviary.

The construction of enclosures does not require special architectural knowledge.

it is quite possible to build it yourself, and on the Internet you can find a lot of interesting layouts and ideas for it.

Materials for the aviary can be purchased at any building supermarket.

All you need is some wire, some boards, nails, and construction mesh.

As a shelter from rain and other bad weather, you can use slate or even a simple oilcloth.

There are certain requirements for the location of the enclosure, for example, good lighting.

Lack of sunlight, and with it vitamin D, can lead to the development of rickets in poultry.

All necessary equipment for keeping livestock (designed for 200 heads):

ExpensesCost, rub.)
Total:182 000 rub
Aviary for poultryPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business55 000
CellsPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business50,000
Chick incubatorsPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business35000
Installation of drinkers and feedersPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business7000
heating lampsPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business30,000
Aviary maintenance equipmentPoultry farming as a home businessPoultry farming as a home business5000

What kind of employees to choose for this type of business?

It is unrealistic to keep track of so many animals on your own, even with the necessary knowledge and experience.

In any case, for serious poultry farming, additional staff will have to be hired.

In fact, in addition to economic activities, there are many organizational and financial issues that the owner of the company has to face.

Job titleQtySalary (rub.)
Total:3from 20 000 rub
bird care specialist210,000
Veterinarianonehourly payment

Also, to run a business, you may need courier services if your poultry carrier is not available.

How to find outlets for poultry products?

There are many marketing options.

One of the most primitive is the sale of meat and eggs on the market.

To close the market, you do not need a lot of documents, since all the necessary certificates have already been issued during the registration of the farm.

The rental itself is also cheap.

The advantage of this method is that if buyers like poultry products, then many new customers will come, as well as regular customers (word of mouth).

In addition to selling it in the market, you can sell meat to bars and restaurants.

It also makes sense to create a website and a page on social networks so that information about the farm appears on the Internet.

What investments are required in poultry farming as a home business?

Capital investments in poultry farming, as well as monthly investments, are directly dependent on the type of poultry grown (different types require different care) and on how many birds will be on the farm.

For example, growing quail does not require much space.

But they are not picky about food and need careful care, because all small animals are especially susceptible to diseases.

Starting investment in poultry farming

“Start small. If things go well, create an important position.”
Giorgio Soros

ExpensesAmount (rub.)
Total:from 262 000 rub.
Purchase of young cattle (200 pcs.)from 70 000
Accommodation in a chicken coop182 000
Other expenses for poultry farmingfrom 5000

Monthly bird breeding costs

Goods at monthly costAmount (rub.)
Total:60 000 rub
Purchase of feed (based on 200 heads)from 25 000
Payment of utility services10,000
Employee labor costsfrom 20 000
Remaining expensesfrom 5000

In addition to stable costs, it should be taken into account that sometimes additional services may be required, such as vaccinations, transportation, etc.

What is the profit of breeding birds at home?

If we take into account poultry farming for the sale of eggs, then the average profit of poultry farming can be:

Sources of profitQuantityPriceTotal
Sale of eggsfrom 6000/yearfrom 50 rubles / dozen300,000 rubles/year

Selling meat brings in much more income.

But at least approximately it is possible to calculate this only if you know what kind of bird and what volume of the bird we are talking about.

On the features of the implementation of such a type of activity as poultry farming,

more details in the video:

Profitability and Risks of a Poultry Farming Business at Home

The bird breeding business does not require large expenses, so its return is quite high.

Also, you will have to buy chickens only at the initial stage.

In the future, if there are strata, this will not be necessary, because the flock will begin to bring its own offspring.

There are a number of risks that need to be prevented so that the company does not remain at a loss.

One of the main ones are the diseases that birds are susceptible to.

Each species and race has its own vulnerabilities, such as a special sensitivity to hypothermia or various infections.

Since many diseases are transmitted by airborne droplets, infection of an individual can lead to the death of the herd.

An equally important factor affecting the profitability of a business is the organization of product sales.

It is advisable to look for partners and markets at an early stage, as soon as the bird is purchased.

Poultry farming as a business, like any other line of business, has its pitfalls.

To get around them, you need to carefully think through each step and act step by step.

Based on practice, it is more profitable to breed meat breeds, for example, turkeys or broilers, since the profitability of such a farm is about 70%.

In any case, selling meat and eggs at the same time will not be difficult, but on the contrary, it will increase revenue.

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